Award-winning solutions for payment and patient management.

Solutions for the entire value chain

Every year we free more than 1,500 full-time equivalents in the healthcare industry—valuable time that can be used to treat patients. We have built a team of skilled people capable of evolving innovative ideas into profitable and scalable solutions. With award-winning accessibility and user experience, we liberate healthcare professionals from tasks they were never meant to take on, allowing them to treat more patients and offer better care.


Self-service payment and patient mangement integrated with your EHR system

More than 1,500 solutions from Melin Medical are installed across the Nordic Region's healthcare facilities. We handle more than 50,000 patients daily, and more than 11 million patients each year.

Because Melin Medical's solutions are integrated with the leading EHR systems on the Nordic market, you can let us take care of managing your patient payments. We make sure your money is transferred where it is supposed to go, and that your EHR records are updated accordingly. Our self-service terminals enables your patients to register their arrival, withdraw a queue ticket and pay for the services they have received—all without troubling the staff.

Our terminals come in two varieties: T1 and T2. T2 supports card and invoice payment, while T1 also supports cash payment.

Barcode scanner and speaker.
12-inch display with integrated Intel Atom SoC.
Card reader with integrated LED lighting, privacy-shielded PIN pad and thermal printer.
Physical button for activation of the dedicated high contrast mode.
Proximity sensor.
12-inch display with integrated Intel Atom SoC.
Barcode scanner, speaker as well as coin and banknote reader with integrated LED lighting.
Card reader with integrated LED lighting and privacy-shielded PIN pad.
Thermal printer.
Proximity sensor.

Included services


Automated invoicing that takes care of everything from printing the invoice to registration of payment.

With Melin Medicals invoicing solution you no longer need to invest staff resources on generating and distributing patient invoices. The patient gets the opportunity to choose invoice payment from the terminal, and the invoice is printed on the spot. The physician can also send the patient straight home, and we will take care of distributing the invoice to the patient's registered address. Combine with our debt collection solution to ensure that you get paid.

Debt collection

Complete follow-up of outstanding claims.

If a patient chooses to leave without paying, their bill is registered as unpaid in their EHR, and we distribute an invoice to their registered address the next day. Melin Medical ensures complete follow-up of outstanding claims when payment is not received.

Add-on services

Queue management

Self-service queue management and arrival registration.

If the terminal is unable to find a scheduled consultation, the patient is offered to withdraw a queue ticket. This ticket is printed directly from the terminal. Our queue management solution supports multiple queues and is connected to a dashboard in the reception were the staff has full overview of all queues.