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We are satisified when you are

At Melin Medical we believe customer satisfaction to be the the key driver for success. That is why we have dedicated an entire team to ensure that you become satisfied with our solutions. From our offices in Oslo, our Customer Success team are working proactively, checking up on our customers to make certain that they have received all the necessary training and to deal with any challenges the customer might have.

Audio interview with Jon-Arne Ødegaard
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  • Jon-Arne Ødegaard

    General practitioner

    “Melin Medical has eliminated time-consuming tasks such as periodic financial settlements and cash deposits. Everyday life is much easier now, and we have saved a lot of money because we no longer have lots of unecessary accounting tasks. Melin Medical has helped us make our workday more efficient. Melin Medical eliminates unecessary tasks from people who is better suited to more important things such as patient care.”

  • Per-Anton Sirnes


    “We are extremely pleased with our Melin Medical terminal! Patients settle their bills themselves, either by credit card or with cash and get a receipt on the spot—without having to interrupt the staff. Everything is so much better at the clinic now. An enormous improvement!”

  • Daniel Habashi

    General practitioner

    “We've always been satisfied with the Melin Medical payments and administration solution. Since we started to use Melin Medical, the system has gotten even better! Patients can now carry out several administrative tasks themselves, and even more time is freed up for us.”

  • Helge Strømskag

    Legeregnskap AS

    “We do the accounting for more than 1,000 physicians and medical centres in Norway. Melin Medical's systems are useful tools for us in simplifying our bookkeeping processes. We get access to the necessary reports with regards to deductibles and other patient payments, and at the same time we have full oversight of accounts receivables for our clients.”