About Melin Medical

Everyday Melin Medical assists more than 50,000 patients through our systems.

More time to treat

In 2009, Dr. Jesper Melin had an idea on how to reduce his own workload and get more time for his patients in the process. Today, more than 75 % of Norway's general practitioners and emergency wards enjoy a simpler workday because of Melin Medical's self-service solutions for payment and patient management.

In close cooperation with the leading EHR systems on the Nordic market, we have made it possible to free healthcare professionals from unnecessary and inefficient paper work.

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Remy Engelsen
Frode Narheim
Christian Strøjer Hansen
COO, New Markets
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CEO, New Markets
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CEO, Melin Collectors
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CEO, Melin Medical Danmark / Global director of business development
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Sales Manager, Nordic Region
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Customer Support Manager
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Customer Success Manager
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Sales Manager, Denmark