Melin Medical's T1 and T2 terminals give patients the option of paying for the services they receive at the clinic in a simple and intuitive way.

​We see our terminals as self-service communication devices. They are designed to handle all sorts of administrative tasks related to the patient whilst at the same time being an integral part of Melin Medical's administration modules and the clinics' patient record systems.

Many people are a little unsure about using self-service terminals. So as to create optimal interaction between the user and terminal, we have therefore developed a solution where usability and accessibility have high priority. We have designed the user interface so that it is simple and straightforward to operate for all who use it—irrespective of language proficiency, age or disability.

The user interface on Melin Medical's terminals is designed in a way that makes it easy for patients to use them from the very first time. For example, we removed all illogical key combinations. This minimises errors and simplifies their operation.

The terminals are easy to use and intuitive to operate and are designed and developed according to universal design standards. The terminal systems are delivered with operating warranty and full support.


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