About us

We have specialized in providing payment solutions and administration systems that free up physicians and health workers from unnecessary administrative work.

Our business concept

In 2009, the company's founder, Dr. Jesper Melin, had an idea about how it could be possible to let patients take greater responsibility for their own administration, initially in the form of self-service payment options. Melin Medical's foundation stones were laid and the company was formed. Today, more than 75 % of the nation's physicians' offices and emergency services enjoy a simpler life thanks to our services.

Nationally, our systems handle approximately 50,000 patients every day and more than 12 million patients a year.

Through close cooperation with leading suppliers of patient record systems, we have created options for freeing up personnel resources, so that our clients are able to focus on treatment rather than burdensome administrative tasks.

Our solutions allow patients to take responsibility for the administration of their own accounts in a simple and intuitive way. By automating patient account management, we make it possible for healthcare personnel to make use of their freed-up time to do what is really important—treating the patient.

Corporate social responsibility

We believe that active corporate social responsibility will contribute to long-term success, when business and society are inextricably linked.

In the same way that society is dependent on a strong and prosperous business atmosphere giving rise to value creation, commercial life is also dependent on a well-functioning and sustainable society for it to be successful.

Corporate social responsibility is important because it is right and because it can be profitable.

Over the course of 2014, we have been engaged in several national and international projects, in which we have contributed both financially and by our active involvement in them.

On this page, we will provide ongoing updates on the projects we support and are involved in.

For questions about our areas of commitments, requests for contribution or assistance, please, contact us here.

The people

We are more than 40 enthusiastic and dedicated people who work every day, developing and delivering effective solutions to the healthcare industry. Are you wondering whom to contact? Here are some names and faces you can relate to.​


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Technical Support Manager



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